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Sworn translations, not sworn translators
In the UK common law system, we do not have the “sworn translator” that exists in civil law countries. Even so, translations have to be “sworn” or certified for various purposes. Certifying or swearing has no bearing on the quality of a translation, but serves to identify the translator and his/her qualifications so that (s)he is accountable. If for example a document is - wilfully or carelessly - translated incorrectly, the translator could be charged with contempt of court, perjury or negligence.

The aim
As a professional association that assesses the quality of its members, maintains a list of members with suitable language skills and technical expertise and can hold its members to account in the event of complaints, ITI has taken steps to establish itself as a body whose members can certify translations.

Acceptability of ITI certification to the authorities
Legally, a certificate is acceptable if it is accepted by the authority requesting to see the relevant documents in translation. Where users insist on a higher grade of certification, they should be reminded of the existence of notarization and referred to notaries.


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Official Certification
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