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For all enquiries please phone 0207 655 0936 or alternatively visit my customer contact page.
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I am always happy to give customers a binding quote on any piece of work, for which the price will be based on the number of words in your text.

Subsequently, the price quoted will remain valid for a period of up to one month, though please realize that my availability will vary at any given time, subject to the quantity of work I am undertaking.

In general, assignments are accepted on a “first come first serve” basis, therefore I always advise clients to communicate with me acceptance of the work/project as soon as possible, ensuring I have the availability to meet all of your requirements.

The terms of payment* are 3 weeks from the date of invoicing; however, for large projects taking more than one month to complete, I reserve the right to ask for payment in monthly instalments.

Please note: I charge a fixed rate for certified translation, available on request; this applies to each document, regardless of size. There is also a minimum charge of £25 for any translation, though texts can be combined to avoid this.

Unlike some translators, I do not charge extra for medical, technical or legal texts.

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*Depending on a client’s location, I am happy to invoice in Sterling, Dollars, Euros or any of the Scandinavian Kroner.

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