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Below you can view just a few examples from many of my customer testimonials. These are all actual letters and references

My collaboration with Tim Davies (TD) started in the 1990s when I was Chairman of the Danish Council of Ethics. TD had already undertaken a number of translation assignments from Danish to English for the Council, which continued to send jobs to him. It was and is important for the Council of Ethics to be in contact and cooperate with other countries' ethics councils..Read More

Ole J. Hartling, MD, DmSc, former Chairman of the Danish Council of Ethics

A real professional translator. Has helped us in a rather complex medical translation delivering a high quality translation. Will for sure work with him again

Dirdam Language Solutions SL

I am writing to confirm that I have known and collaborated with Tim Davies on translation assignments for over 10 years now...Read More

Ejvind Rosenburg

Please find the EU Commission's feedback enclosed. As you can see, they were very pleased with the quality and I quote "A very nice job" - they don't say such things lightly ? Well done! Many thanks from us here for all your hard work on this project.

Orla Ryan Lionbridge Government Business Unit

Have just read your translation. It is absolutely superb. I was really struggling to make out the gist of it (I'm actually a 75-year old Dane who stopped speaking the language when I was 12, have travelled on a Danish passport for 60 years and now suddenly have to prove my eligibility for Danish nationality!). What the bureaucrats want is now clear. I hope I won't need you again in the near future, but I'll certainly keep you on my email list!"

All the best, Tom

Our client for the Danish-English translation you did for us last month has contacted us again following delivery of the work. It seems that the quality of your translation was appreciated, and we are now trying to put together a rates package for future work for this client.

Jenny Anglo-File

Just wanted to tell you that the client was VERY happy with your translation. They made NO changes. That's an absolute first for them.

Mvh Paul Felten Idiom AB

We are just in receipt of a detailed statement of our client who confirms that you have made a first-class translation of these two documents. Thank you very much. We hope to get further orders for Danish/ English from this client which should be done by you.

Georg Ka-Ve Kalla & Verboonen-Deuster GbR

We have received "bravos" for your translation of job no. XXXX. The medical terms were fully accepted by the Swedish author. (Background: This text had been translated by someone else - and rejected - by the author one month earlier).

Frank Biztranslations AS

Dear Tim, Thank you for all help! The University of Edinburgh used 1 day to process my application and I received an unconditional offer to start in their PhD program before midnight, so I was able to include that in my application for financial support from the Research Council of Norway before the deadline the next day. Incredible. Without your swift translations I would not have been there. Thanks again.

Tore Johnsen

Just wanted to know that I received your letter and it is absolutely perfect. Very impressive work with the page setup and everything. I will not hesitate to recommend you - or use your services again. Excellent job! Thank you very much :)

Kind Regards, Peter Jepsen

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