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Nordic news in English

- The Foreigner (Norwegian)
- Politiken, Jyllands Posten, The Copenhagen Post and Danes Worldwide(Danish)
- The Local (Swedish)
- Iceland Monitor (News etc)
- Sermitsiaq (Greenlandic)
- The Local (German)
- IceNews (Nordic countries)
- Iceland Review
- Official Gateway to the Faroe Islands

Nordic Embassies

- Danish Embassy in UK
- Faroese Section of the Danish Embassy in UK
- Norwegian Embassy in UK
- Swedish Embassy in UK
- Icelandic Embassy in UK
- German Embassy and Consulate in UK

Scandinavian restaurants and cafés in London

- Scandinavian Kitchen
- Bronte Aurell's Scandinavian Kitchen
- Nordic Bakery

Scandinavian art, literature and film

- Ivars Silis Literature #1
- Hans Meyer Petersen (Artist/Painter)
- BBC Four: The Killing
- BBC Four: Wallander
- Henning Mankell - Official Site
- Who is Kurt Wallander?
- Jo Nesbo - Official Site
- Nordic Noir - Blog
- My good friend, a budding Danish author and blogger

Useful guides

- Danish
- Norwegian
- Swedish
- German
- Icelandic
- Faroese
- North Germanic or Scandinavian/Nordic languages
- Swiss German
- Austrian German

Examples of my work

- Ivars Silis: Frozen Horizons: The World's Largest National Park
- Paal J. Frisvold: Towards Europe - The Story of a Reluctant Norway
- Henning Bech: When Men Meet: Homosexuality and Modernity
- Dr Louis Dubertret: Psoriasis: From clinic to therapy
- Christoffer Emil Bruun (ed.): The European Fall: 28 essays on the European crisis


- British in Europe
- Nordic Churches in London
- Dansk tolkning i EU
- The Moron's Guide to Denmark for Americans
- International Molinological Society
- The best and most beautiful place to learn Welsh
- Restaurant NOMA (best in the world?)
- Christmas fair at the Finnish Church in London
- Swedish specialities in West London at Totally Swedish
- Bulletin - The British European Association (Denmark)
- Living in Demmark
- Danes Worldwide
- Norwegians Worldwide
- Swedes Worldwide
- Scandification - the Pros and Cons of living in Denmark
- Votes for Expat Brits
- Europeans throughout the World
- Americans in Denmark
- Americans in Denmark - Facebook
- Americans in Denmark - Expats
- Icelanders in the UK
- British and living in Iceland

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Nordic Links
Translation Industry glossary
Specialist Fields

Wind and Watermills

United Kingdom
- Spab
- List of windmills in the UK
- Windmill world

- Dansk Moellerforening
- Windmill world

- Windmill world

Netherlands and Belgium
- Molen Database

- Page F30

- Windmill world
- Commons

- Windmill world
- 123rf

- Travel images


-SPAB (UK), Mills Section and details of National Mills Weekend in May

-An online dictionary of Mills and Milling terms

-Danish Millers' Association

-UK Windmills

-The International Molinological Society (TIMS)

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